2014 Grant Recipitents

On Monday, June 16, Womenade Boston members met to select grant recipients for 2014. Members heard presentations from 6 exciting finalist organizations and then cast their votes to select the winners. This year's $71,500 in grants brings the four-year total investment Womenade Boston has made in Boston-area non-profits serving teen girls and women to nearly $300,000.


Organizations/Programs that Empower Teen Girls Age 12-21

My Life My Choice at Justice Resource Institute

Investment: Survivor Mentoring Program for Latina Girls

Website: www.fightingexploitation.org

The Survivor Mentoring Program at MLMC pairs exploited girls, or girls at high risk of exploitation, with an adult female mentor who is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation.  Womenade funding will support its Enhancing Exploitation Prevention Services for Hispanic Girls Initiative. Funding will enable MLMC to hire a bi-lingual Survivor Mentor to support these girls, connect with their families, and increase the cultural competency of MLMC programs for serving Hispanic adolescent girls.

Community Rowing

Investment: Girls Row Boston (G-ROW)

Website: www.communityrowing.org

G-ROW is a Community Rowing program for Boston Public School's high school girls which combines the sport of rowing with intense academic and mentoring support to help girls find their strengths, build strong and lasting relationships, improve their academics, focus on college, and grow into healthy and competent young women. Womenade funding will help G-ROW invest in a number of program activities as well as connect its broader support network of "Grace, Grit, and Glory" participants with past and current team members for career and enhanced social supports.

Organizations/Programs that Empower Women Age 22 and Older

Compass Working Capital

Investment: Compass Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) in Boston

Website: www.compassworkingcapital.org

Founded in 2005, Compass Working Capital, Inc. provides financial coaching and savings programs that empower working, low-income families to build assets, achieve their financial goals, and become financially stable. Compass focuses on launching and expanding an innovative, asset building model for the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, a historically underutilized employment and savings program for families in federally subsidized (Section 8) housing. Compass Working Capital is seeking support for their Compass Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) in Boston.

2014 Runners Up

Raw Art Works, Inc.

Investment: Girls Programs - Women 2 Be, Art 4 Girls, and Women Art Muralists

Website: www.rawartworks.org

Raw Art Works (RAW) is a 25-year-old youth arts organization based in Lynn, MA.  It provides free programming to more than 450 youth each year, ages 7-19.  It also serves 1200+ youth in community outreach initiatives, including Van Go, a mobile art program that brings creative art-making to some of Lynn’s most distressed neighborhoods during the summer.  It is a nationally recognized youth development organization and cultural anchor in Lynn that provides free arts and art therapy-based after school programming to underserved and at-risk youth, providing them with a creative and positive alternative to the streets. 

On The Rise

Investment: Keep the Keys Program

Website: www.ontherise.org

On the Rise offers services to over 300 women, while giving homeless women advocacy and support.  Its mission is to provide a community where women have the safety, relationships, and resources they need to move out of homelessness.  Keep the Keys supports recently housed, formerly homeless women through the entire process of searching for apartments, moving in and learning the independent living skills they need to sustain their housing.  The transition from homelessness to housing (temporary, marginal, or secure) can be difficult, especially for women who have been living in shelters or on the streets for many years.  Feelings of isolation in a new environment can serve as triggers for many old feelings and behaviors.  The staff of Keep the Keys offers a weekly support group, makes personal home visits, and provides early intervention to help the housed women develop life skills, build their support network, and maintain their housing.

Roca, Inc.

Investment: Young Mothers Program

Website: www.rocainc.org

Roca's Young Mothers Program provides intensive, stage-based case management to support at-risk to high-risk young mothers in building strong families and moving toward self-sufficiency for themselves and their vulnerable children. It builds on the expertise gained through Roca’s intervention model for high-risk male youth. The program is designed to meet participants where they are cognitively, behaviorally, and developmentally, rather than “one size fits all.”  It provides them with case management and relationship building, stage-based education, life skills and employment programming.  In addition, Roca provides services to address the unique needs of low-income, single young mothers, including home visiting, parenting education, child development screenings, comprehensive health assessments and family planning counseling. Roca engages young mothers in intensive case management for up to 4 years and retains a population that would otherwise fail to show up for school, work or programs. This intensive, long-term approach helps young mothers make real changes in the destructive behaviors that otherwise prevent them from developing stable families, effecting positive change for both mothers and their children.