Womenade Boston is dedicated to supporting programs that empower teen girls and women in the greater Boston area.

A women's giving circle, Womenade Boston is the “on ramp” to philanthropy for women from all walks of life with an instinct to give, a hunger to learn, and an interest in the exponential power of collective giving.

Join Womenade Boston

Womenade Boston welcomes women interested in becoming personally involved in their philanthropy. Join with other women and share leadership for greater combined impact on the lives of women and girls in the greater Boston area. Membership runs by the calendar year, and we ask members to make a three year commitment to the giving circle. 


Please visit the Membership page for a full description of what joining the giving circle entails.

What is Collective Giving?

Collective giving is a form of shared giving and social investment networking. Members of collective giving organizations pool donations and engage in collective decision-making about how to place funds. We welcome all women interested in making a difference to become members of the giving circle. 


Womenade Boston is a proud member of Catalist, a national organization mobilizing the women's collective giving grantmaking movement. 

Apply for a Grant Today!

Womenade Boston is dedicated to programs that positively impact the lives of women and girls in the greater Boston area. We conduct a two-part evaluation process each year, beginning with Letters of Inquiry from interested organizations, followed by an invitation-only full grant application process and site visit. Our goal is to make grant awards of $20,000-25,000 to our winning organizations.


Find all of the Grant Application information and materials HERE