2013 Grant Recipitents

On Monday, June 17, Womenade Boston members met to select grant recipients for 2013. Members heard presentations from 8 exciting finalist organizations and then cast their votes to select the winners. Each 2013 grantee will receive $23,000. This year's $92,000 in grants brings the three-year total investment Womenade Boston has made in Boston-area non-profits serving teen girls and women to $227,000.


Organizations/Programs that Empower Teen Girls Age 12-21

GRLZ Radio at St. Mary’s Center for Women and Children

Investment: GRLZ Radio Summer Program

Website: www.grlzradio.org

The summer program at GRLZ Radio enables 14 teen participants and 2 youth supervisors to participate in all aspects of the GRLZ Radio experience. GRLZ Radio builds social, academic, and work skills through girls’ participation as employees at the radio station and as peer leaders of community-based workshops for other youth.  Broadcasting daily on the web, and fully funded by the philanthropic community, GRLZ Radio annually provides 100 teenagers from Boston’s most violent and poverty-dense neighborhoods a positive asset-building environment to voice their outlook creatively and develop competencies that will sustain them through challenges, successes, and life experiences.

Mothers for Justice and Equality

Investment: Funding of Empowering Girls, Ending Violence, Saving Lives program

Website: www.mothersforjusticeandequality.org

Mothers for Justice and Equality (MJE) seeks to advance their civic education programs by building the Empowering Girls, Ending Violence, Saving Lives program as part of their MJE Community Mentors Program. The grant will fund a portion of the effort to identify, train and mentor 15-20 young teens who have been identified as at risk for involvement in street or gang violence. The effort will promote their social-emotional leadership and development by training them as youth mentors, junior advocates and workshop leaders.

Organizations/Programs that Empower Women Age 22 and Older

Found In Translation

Investment: The Medical Interpretation Certificate Program

Website: www.found-in-translation.org

The Medical Interpreter Certificate program is a 12 week program designed specifically for low income and homeless women in the Boston metropolitan area. The course is offered at no charge and includes supports such as onsite childcare and transportation assistance. Because medical interpreting represents a significant professional and economic leap for many program participants they integrate job skills and financial literacy curricula, mentoring, and peer support systems into the course to support the women through this transition. Each woman meets regularly with a mentor who advises and guides her on entering the interpreting field. After the completion of the course, graduates are placed in a medical interpretation internship and continue to receive ongoing support with job search and placement.

Web of Benefit

Investment: Funding of an Operations Manager position to support the Transition to Self-Sufficiency Program

Website: www.webofbenefit.org

Web of Benefit offers Self-Sufficiency Grants (SSGs) and mentoring to women in the Boston area who need to create a plan for economic survival. Clients are referred by our 80+ collaborating agencies and are typically economically disadvantaged single parents. The program relies heavily on mentoring, goal setting and taking personal responsibility by those who receive grants. The Program has two components. The first offers Self-Sufficiency Grants (SSGs) for women who need to create a plan for economic independence as they leave a shelter or transitional living program. The second component, the Good Works Program, requires that each grantee perform three good works for other survivors in need on a mutually-convenient timetable.

2013 Runners Up

Science Club for Girls

Investment: CELLS Program 

Website: www.scienceclubforgirls.org

CELLS programming includes 3 components: learning by teaching, building skills in STEM, leadership and person.al development. The goal of the middle and high school programs is to empower girls by helping them develop a positive identity (self-worth, confidence, and future orientation), positive relationships (a sense of connection to peer, mentors and staff), and a sense of achievement and efficacy (mastery of skills, change in attitude, and confidence in STEM and school. SCFG seeks to expand its STEM offering for teens by increasing the number of teen girls involved in Challenge Teams, where girls work together on a science project such as building a rocket

The City School

Investment: Funding of The Rose from Concrete program

Website: www.thecityschool.org

The Rose from Concrete program brings teenage women together across difference, including race, class and geography (suburban and urban) to mentor and support the next generation of young women as they take on leadership roles in our organization and throughout Greater Boston. Rose from Concrete develops the leadership of young women in our City School community by bringing together 50 to 60 young women together for daily leadership training in our Summer Leadership Program from July through August and weekly throughout the academic year from October through May. A smaller group of 2nd-4th year program graduates will facilitate and co-lead this group of a young woman, with support and mentorship from adult staff.  Womenade funding would support strengthening young women’s leadership and workforce development including: 1) supporting more young women in paid administrative roles; 2) paying for general programming supplies and retreat expenses; and 3) attracting youth from neighborhoods that are not yet well-represented.

The Women’s Lunch Place

Investment: The Job Readiness Program

Website: www.womenslunchplace.org

Launched in Fall 2012, the Job Readiness Program encompasses workshops, support groups, and individual activities to empower and enable women to become financially self-sufficient. Participants acquire skills, knowledge, and resources in a supportive learning environment, guided by experienced WLP staff members who understand the specific challenges faced by women struggling with poverty and homelessness.

One Family, Inc.

Investment: The One Family Scholars Program

Website: www.onefamilyinc.org

One Family is seeking support for five One Family Scholars during the 2013-2014 academic year, all of whom are single mothers living with their children in the Greater Boston area. A grant is needed to underwrite the education award and flexible aid to each Scholar. The need to work and earn is one of the main barriers to college completion and our flexible aid alleviates some of that financial pressure. Support from Womenade Boston will enable One Family to cover the Scholars’ tuition need and increase the amount of flexible aid so that we can meet 50% of their average monthly budget deficit. They expect increased flexible aid to strengthen the performance of the individual Scholars and, in turn, increase their already strong retention and graduation rates.