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Become a Member of the Womenade Boston Community

Womenade Boston is a place for women to gather, learn, share ideas, and collaborate to support organizations serving women and teen girls. Our members have the opportunity to engage directly with those working in the community - by becoming involved in our grant-making process and visiting our grant applicants, and by attending our meetings and learning from thought-leaders, researchers, and non-profit practitioners working to make a difference for those in need. We encourage anyone interested in our mission to get to know us - attend our meetings, connect with our members, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and become a Member or make a contribution as Friend. Womenade Boston is a 501(c)(3) organizations and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Womenade Boston Membership Categories

Womenade membership for 2017 is CLOSED. Membership for 2018 will open at the end of June 2017.

Womenade Boston offers 2 membership categories: Standard Membership and Young Philanthropist, for women under 35. ALL members, in either category, are entitled to one vote at the annual Voting Meeting to select grantees.

2018 Standard Membership

  • ŸAnnual contribution of $1,200
    • $1,000 donation for grants
    • $200 contribution to giving circle operations.
  • Ÿ3-year membership commitment requested for new members.
  • ŸFour membership meetings per year.
  • ŸCommittee membership and involvement encouraged.

2018 Young Philanthropist

To be eligible for the Young Philanthropist option members MUST:

  • Make an annual contribution of $600
    • $500 donation for granting purposes
    • $100 contribution to giving circle operations
  • Be under 35 years old
    • To qualify, the member's 35th birthday must take place no sooner than the following grant year (i.e. for grant year 2017 the member must turn 35 sometime during calendar year 2018 or later).